Useful Links About Opus Dei

  1. Opus Dei in the US - considered to be one of the best research articles on Opus Dei. Written by Jesuit Fr. James Martin of America Press.
  2. Opus Dei Awareness Network - one of the oldest research and opposition groups to Opus Dei. Based in the United States.
  3. Cult Education Institute section on Opus Dei - excellent collection of articles on Opus Dei. Based in the United States.
  4. Wikipedia entry about the controversies regarding Opus Dei
  5. The real scandal for Opus Dei and the church from the National Catholic Reporter
  6. Profile of Opus Dei from the BBC
  7. Unofficial Opus Dei FAQ - excellent source of information on Opus Dei; based in Austria
  8. How Opus Dei Influenced Rick Santorum - from The Atlantic magazine
  9. Breaking The Opus Dei Code - from Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  10. Cease and Desist Letter - can be used when Opus Dei associates/members/supporters are engaging in verbal harassment, legal pressure and/or physical threats.